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Dispersing Agent/Dispersant JX Dispert 1030

Suitable for application in water-based coating, water-based ink, water-based colorant JX Dispert 1020, as an efficient dispersant for water-based carbon black organic pigmented colorant and inksystem, it is recommended for high content of carbon black and solid content system.

Product Description

JX Dispert 1030    

Coating Additive Dispersant for Water-based
industrial coating    

Product Property

Appearancelight yellowish
Active Content30%
pH value(1% solution)6.0–8.0
Viscosity (Mpa.s)20-120
Cloud point°C42-48

Product Information & Advantage

Non-ionic dispersant, excellent water and corrosion resistance better than similar product of international brand   Effectively prevent coating system from flocculation, improve the heat storage stability    

Single component structure without low molecules, outstanding application stability    

Improve the strength development,while decrease the mixture viscosity    

Bring good stability to the application in colorant with wide temperature range.    

Suitable to use for high solid content colorant system    

Application Recommendation

Decorative coating, floor paint,water-based steel construction coating. JX Dispert 1130, as an efficient dispersant, it is recommended to be applied  to water-based colorant and high content colorant and coating system.

Recommendation of Dose Level

Pigment Category: Recommended %(to pigment %)

Inorganic Pigment: 1–10%

Water-based ink, coating, Colorant: suggest being well mixed in solvent & grinding medium before adding pigment for co-grinding. Best performance in PH 8-9 condition, recommend to add DEF X105 or 201 defoamer during co-grinding stage.

Package & Storage

Net weight:25kg/pail or 50kg/pail

Store in cool and dry condition, shelf life for sealed package is 2 years Seal well when it is opened


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