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Shanghai JX Energy & Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in development and sales of additives for  high concentration and environmental friendly water-based colorants products. The company pursues the spirit of ingenuity, adheres to excellence, aspires to build the "Jinxi Chemical" future brand status, and strives to become a well-known raw material supplier at home and abroad. With modern laboratory and plant that equipped with advanced production equipment and a high-level professional research and development founding team which has engaged in the sector for decades, the company has built a good technology, well-equipped, detection precision research and development production chain, fully ensuring the quality and stability of products, providing high grade products and services for customers at home and abroad!
The company's PREMCOLOR™ high concentration, environmental friendly color colorant is elaborated with the world's outstanding high-quality pigments, non-ion / anion moisturizer, and dispersants. As a rigorous combination of color, color intensity and fluidity, its texture is uniform, excellent weather resistance, Color display and preservation, low VOC content, good environmental performance, and can be mixed with water-based polymer in any proportion. 

Its main products include water-based paint color colorant, water-based wood paint paste, ink color paste, colorful paint colorant, and water-based electrophoresis paint paste.   
JX™ waterborne coating additives and water-based colorants industrial paint additives cover dispersants, wetting agents, defoamers, thickeners, rheological additives, fungicides, Coalescing agents, multi-functional aids, etc.

As a professional integrated color solution provider of water-based coating industry - Shanghai JX Energy & Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. has always been insisting the principle of "Equality and Mutual benefit, Fair trade, Abide- by –the- contract", adhering to the corporate identity of "Faithful integrity, Premium, High-efficiency, Service". Look forward to working with you to create a brilliant future!

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